Cab Faby FM 2
The models of the NEW FABY series have been designed to work as slush machines, sherbet machines and frozen yogurt machines. They can be used with alcoholic based mixes and dairy products. Moreover the NEW FABY series is equipped with a “night mode” function which allows your clients to keep the mix cool during the night with the minimum power consumption.

Thanks to the choice of plastic panels we have achieved such a design that allows the NEW FABY to have the best air flow of its category. Our long experience in the field has led us to the creation of our long-lasting refrigeration system, who reaches high performances even in the most extreme conditions. Also the NEW FABY series while keeping all the features of a professional machine, is very easy to use, easy to clean at the lowest power consumption.

The NEW FABY offers several approvals such as CEE, NSF, UL, ETL, CSA, GOST, etc. and it is available in several versions with possible combinations of colours and aesthetical or technical customizations.

The Flat Lid version of the NEW FABY, with its simple flat lid with no light, while keeping all the above features offers a cheaper alternative to the NEW FABY with enlightened lids.


- Power absorbed : 850 W
- Tank capacity : 2 x 3.2 Gallons
- Size (W x D x H ): 16" x 19" x 32"
Freight Costs Not Included