The products are all the rage. Flavors are liked by the customer and ease of production simplifies the whole process. Whenever service is needed they are always there for us.
We have been doing business with Frozen Drink Machines & Services for over 15 years and would never even consider doing business with another company. Their service is unmatched! Their drink system is very easy and user friendly.
We enjoy using Frozen Drink Machines because they are so user friendly and the company is great on service when delivering products. Our customers rave about the flavor of our drinks and the machines are very user friendly.
They give great friendly advice. We were looking for quality drinks that could be fixed quickly to keep our customers happy. Frozen Drink Machines system works well for our restaurant.
The best frozen drinks on the island!
Great service! If you need it, they bring it. The flavors are great. Our Mango-Peach Colada is #1.
Excellent product that makes good profits. Service is always there when we need it. We believe the flavors are the best and our customers love it too.
Lester's Restaurant
Excellent service. I never have to worry about being out of stock on any products. They know just what I need. The product has wonderful flavor and great shelf life. I am very happy with it.
La Fiesta Brava
We can always rely on Frozen Drink Machines & Services of AL to solve a problem quickly. Best frozen drinks around.
The service from Jimmy, Stephanie and their staff has always been prompt, thorough and complete. Great job! I have been in business for 25 years. These machines and products produce volume and customer satisfaction. I recommend Frozen Drink Machines & Services of AL.
They have a nice variety of tasty flavors. Working with Jimmy over the years has been a pleasure. Keep up the good work!
Frozen Drink Machines is a great company. We never have to worry about service because their service is impeccable. We serve frozen drinks in all of our restaurants and the machine is very user friendly. Our daiquiris are the drink that our customers rave about because they are so good.
I have used Island Oasis and other blender machines. I have to say this is the most convenient set up. The machine itself makes a very smooth great tasting daiquiri that tastes great. Anytime I need assistance, I get immediate service. Thanks, Jimmy, for the years of great service.
All of our customers love our frozen drinks. Frozen Drink Machines and their staff are very dependable. Always there when you need them.